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Cunard Line

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Cunard Line

The Legacy of Cunard

It was more civilized era, the golden age of sea travel. Crossing the ocean was a grand event unto itself, the very embodiment of sophistication and privilege. And traveling Cunard was what one naturally chose for such a voyage. Cunard's glorious ocean liners were floating palaces of art deco splendor and Edwardian excess, surrounding guests with every comfort and luxury. They attracted the greatest personalities of the day, from world leaders to movie stars, who sipped champagne at festive black tie soirees and strolled along graceful promenades attired in their finest apparel. It was the quintessence of luxury travel, and getting there was truly half the fun. Cunard continues this celebration of style with Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2: proving once again that, with Cunard, the journey may be even more magnificent than the destination.

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    -Up To $350 USD Onboard Credit, Balcony & Above
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    -Free Gratuities in Grill Suites

White Star Service: A Legend In Its Own Right

It's more than an elegant and sophisticated style of service. It's how it makes you feel that truly defines Cunard's White Star Service. It comes from the immeasurable sense of satisfaction when greeted by a white gloved attendant who takes your hand luggage to your stateroom. Or perhaps it's the gracious smiles that are de rigueur, as much a part of the uniform of the day as is the crisp, well-tailored attire. You can't help but smile in return. Attentive stateroom stewards create a privileged realm of luxury in each accommodation, turning your room into a sanctuary worth returning to each evening. Our Pillow Concierge ensures that your nocturnal journeys are just as comfortable as your waking ones. You'll find formal British afternoon tea with waiters that are friendly yet unobtrusive. And experienced British nannies who provide care and comfort to our younger guests and their traveling companions. White Star Service is the ultimate in civility, and it's distinctly Cunard.

A Level of Luxury for Every Taste

For some, luxury is nowhere more apparent than in their own private corner of the world. It is the unspoken statement made by the choice of residence or the style of accommodations. Similarly, at Cunard we believe that your choice is more than simply a place to retire at the end of an eventful day. Our spacious staterooms and suites are a private sanctuary, a home at sea, offering the exquisite decor, fine amenities and innovative technologies one would require for a magnificent ocean-going journey.

Queen May 2's accommodations for instance, range from the merely commodious to shamelessly extravagant, most offering their own private view of the world, with over-sized windows or spacious balconies. Rich furnishings and fine art create an ambiance of luxury, with plush mattresses and the finest linens providing the utmost in comfort. Likewise, Queen Elizabeth 2's warm and traditional accommodation provides a sense of comfort and contentment. No matter which stateroom you select, you'll return to your room each night to find that the bed has been turned down for you, the curtains closed, and everything you need to send you off into a blissful slumber awaits.


Australia & New Zealand Cruises

Australia offers a land of contrasts; rainforests in the north and stunning beaches lapped by clear waters in the south give way to vast interior and huge ranches. Meanwhile New Zealand boasts towering mountains and verdant valleys, washed by tumbling waterfalls. Enjoy both of these destinations on an Australia & New Zealand cruise vacation with Cunard Line!



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