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Australia / New Zealand


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Where else can you be sitting in a waterfront cafe in one of the world's most beautiful citiies one day, in a foreboding wilderness filled with curious and fascinating creatures the next, and swimming above the world's largest reef on the third? Here in Australia. And nearby New Zealand, with its mountains, fjords and gorgeous wine country, is equally inspiring.

When you visit these places you vacation becomes a wonderful escape. As you sail into the harbor, it appears almost like a mirage ahead of you - the iconic Opera House that so defines Sydney. Yet there is so much more to this city, and to this country. Nature lovers will marvel at the majestic landscapes, koalas, and kangaroos; urbanites will love the shops and galleries of Sydney and Melbourne, and conoisseurs will find bliss in the restaurants and wineries. And whatever you do, wherever you go, Australia will leave you both dazzled and charmed.

Here in New Zealand the landscapes are of mythical proportion. From glacier peaks and sheep dotted farmland to clean, contemporary cities, the breathtaking islands of New Zealand offer diverse attractions to match every traveler's taste.

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  • Brisbane - Crocodiles, Critters & the Sunshine Coast
  • Christchurch - Akaroa & Canterbury Farm
  • Auckland - Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World
  • Darwin - Jumping Crocodile Cruise
  • Hobart - Bonorong Wildlife Park
  • Melbourne - In the Wild - Koalas & Kangaroos
  • Dunedin - Golfing on Dunedin
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