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South America


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Picture of South America

In South America the landscapes will take your breath away, leaving awe in its place. And it was en route between Buenos Aires and  Rio that you had an epiphany - you should have done this long ago. You will peer deep into the mysterious Amazon, and look out on ice blue glaciers in Chilean fjords. You will walk the timeless Spanish colonial streets of places like Montevideo and Santiago, go wine tasting and browse the handicrafts at local markets. You will discover South America and every new vista will leave you dazzled and inspired.

There is so much to see in South America - sun kissed beaches and glacier fjords, rugged mountain ranges and lush tropical rainforests, remote indeginous villages and Spanish colonial cities.

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  • Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires: Tango Show & Highlights
  • La Serena - Petroglyphs & Vineyards Of The Limari
  • Lima - Grand Lima: City, Gold Museum & Indian Market
  • Manaus - Meeting of the Waters & Lake January
  • Puerto Montt - Osorno Volcano, Petohus River & Puerto Varas
  • Punta Arenas - Antarctica Overflight
  • Quito - Classic Quito
  • Falkland Islands - Bluff Cove Penguin Rookery
  • Rio De Janiero - Rio City Tour & Sugarloaf
  • Santarem - Santarem River Cruise
  • Santiago - Wine Country & Panoramic Valparasio
  • Ushuaia - Drive to the End of the World
  • Montevideo - Historical Walking Tour of Montevideo
  • Salvador - A Walk Through Historic Salvador
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